VSCode Chrome Debugger and Gutenberg

While working on a recent issue in Gutenberg, I needed to do some javascript debugging. Normally I'd just do this in Chrome using the dev tools, but I decided to see if I could get the VSCode Chrome debugger working to be able to do it directly inside the IDE.

Some Useful Reusable Functions in Google Sheets Scripts

Google Apps Script code sample
When working on the simple work order system for my friend, I found a few places where the built-in Google Apps Script classes didn't have methods that did what I needed. There were also situations where I was making the same long chain of method calls over and over. So I wrote a couple of helper functions to facilitate simplifying these other parts of the script.

WordPress Apple Watch Wallpapers

Today is WordPress’ 15th birthday! 🎉🍰 In honor of it, I threw together a couple of simple Apple Watch wallpapers with the WordPress logo on them. You can sync these to your watch using Photos and then use them as the…

Changing Shades

After 6 wonderful years working at my alma mater, today is my final day at UNC. Starting Monday I'll be working as a WordPress core contributor for Bluehost.

Cary Open Data Maynard Loop Filter

Map highlighting the Maynard Loop in Cary, NC

I live in downtown Cary, NC and often am interested in getting data specific to this area.  So I created a geo polygon filter on the Town of Cary's open data portal to filter down results that include geographical data…

Simple Automated phpBB Database Backups

I run a small phpBB forum hosted with WebFaction and I was looking for a really simple way to make automated daily backups of the database in case I accidentally destroy it somehow. 😬 The Backup Script So I threw together…

WordPress Network Manager Tools

Yesterday I finally put up on GitHub something I've been tinkering with for a while. I'm calling it Network Manager Tools. In the simplest description, it is a WordPress plugin that provides several tools that are helpful for managers of multisite networks.