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Making a Simple Work Order System in Google Sheets

I recently had a friend ask me to help him put together a simple work order system for his property management business.

They were doing everything through emails and realized they needed a little bit more, but weren’t quite ready to shell out a lot of money for a full-featured SaaS work order system. 

His employees had a lot of familiarity using Google Sheets for other things, so they had made a spreadsheet to track them all. But they wanted to do a bit more, including sending some automated emails and having an interface that made it easy for the workers in the field to quickly see the tasks assigned to them. 

I hadn’t really used Google Apps Script before, and I’ve needed to do some more writing/real world testing with the new Gutenberg editor we’re working on, so I figured this would be a good opportunity to write some posts about things I learned along the way.

I’ll publish a new post in this series each day this week:

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